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August 3, 2012


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Sorry for the lack of updates and inactiveness, guys. ^^;  I've just been generally unmotivated for everything, but I figured I'd buckle down and get this journal over with. XD;  Here's my report from Anime Expo a month ago!

We drove for six hours.  I hate long car rides, so I made myself sleep for a lot of it.  After that we stood in lines.  Very long lines.  But I'm glad we went up a whole day early just to get our tickets because it was nice walking in the next day without having to worry about lines.  The volunteers running the lines were good sports, though. XD  Our original plans to go to the beach fell through because we arrived a little later than expected and by the time we finished standing in line, it was too late. :C  So instead, we decided to get Subway, and watch Spanish soap operas.

On Friday we were "fancy Vocaloids!"  ChEsHiRe-K and J-o-i-FuL-CoSpLaY were Sandplay Luka and Gakupo, :devsupwerweaselprincess: was 7th Dragon 2020 Miku and ValdaValsha and I were Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil Rin and Len.  Here's a few pictures of our Story of Evil costumes taken by "OrangeMeep" on Flickr!……

And here's a picture taken by crystal19996 on DA because it has a better view of my revamped Len wig

The costumes were actually really popular.  We were stopped like crazy in the South Hall and even a little bit more than usual in the Exhibitors Hall.  We had several TV interviews, too. =O  And we appeared in several cosplay videos!

acksonl:… at 2:47
whenwasthistaken:… at 0:38
spoilerphotos:… SWP appears at 0:33 and Valda and I appear at 3:12
(Please link me any more videos if you see us appear in more!  I know there was one more because the videographer showed us the footage, but I cant' seem to find it. ;_; )

Yyyyeaaaahhhh we spent a good while parked in the South Hall... about a good hour or so. XD

AAANNNDDDD I got to meet KikiKabuki for the first time that day! 8DDDDD <333333 I was excited and broke character while posing for pictures. XD;

Then we went back to the hotel, ate Subway, and took a few photoshoot pictures of Rin and Len in the Union Station.  I was particularly happy because I love historical sites.

Was the secret cosplay/dream cosplay day!  D. Gray-Man!  I've been wanting to cosplay Crown Clown really bad since....three years ago, so I was really happy when everyone agreed to do D. Gray-Man.  J-o-i-FuL-CoSpLaY was my Master, Cross Marian, ValdaValsha was Bak Chang, SuperWeaselPrincess was Lavi, ChEsHiRe-K was Lenalee Lee, and I was of course Allen Walker. XD  Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to register for the masquerade with them, though. :C  But it was still good and fun.  All I can say is that...these costumes were really hot.  Full vinyl in the summer time was a challenge--but thank goodness it was LA and not Phoenix.  LA actually had nice weather.  Not as many pictures of us were taken that day. XD;   And the ones that were taken of us are found on Facebook.  ^^ ;  But we managed to be filmed by acksonl with half of our group??… at 0:13 (He's a ninja, I swear... I didn't even know...)

And that day was also our Banzai!pro gathering!  I was surprised at the turnout.  I was honestly expecting like... maybe 10 people.  But nooooo, there were like... 30 or more people there. XD  It was really shocking.  And so many autographs! @_@  It feels weird, it really does. XD  But it was exciting.

Here's a video of us autographing a bunch of things. XD…

Unfortunately, we didn't have any photoshoot pictures taken that day because everyone was exhausted from wearing vinyl. :C  So I don't have any really good pictures of Crown Clown yet... (Hopefully at Saboten I will!)  We went straight back to the hotel, ate Subway, and watched more Spanish soap operas.

I don't normally go to conventions on Sundays, but there were actually a few fans that wanted to meet me that were only able to go that day. D:  I still went to church in the morning, though, (because that's important to me).  Afterward, I threw on something simple--Oz Vessalius--and went to the con.  I was surprised at how comfortable Oz is. XD  MUCH more comfortable than Crown Clown...I could run and see clearly and move around!  And as luck would have it, they were one of the first people I ran into, so the mission was accomplished. -^-b  After meeting them and meeting up with the rest of Banzai, we just casually walked around the artists' alley admiring wonderful talent. <3  Then Valda and SWP took photoshoot pictures... and my random pleasure of the day was that I saw Fiction Junction pass by me in the Exhibitors Hall. o_______o <33333 I had a hardcore fangirl moment.

Then we went back, ate lunch and went to the beach!  I discovered I absolutely cannot stand cold water. XD;;;

After the beach, we went back to the hotel, ate Subway, and watched Spiderman in Spanish.  (Oh, there were English channels...we just had a tendency to watch the Spanish ones for some reason?)

Monday was a totally random day!  I was Ciel in Wonderland while Valda was Rena from Higurashi, SWP was Bunny!Lavi, Joi was Kenshin, and Cheshire was Inuyasha.  Yes... random.  We didn't really do much that day either.  We did our last minute Exhibit Hall shopping and walked around. :D  The only thing I didn't like about wearing Ciel in Wonderland were the...fangirls of the wrong sort approaching me. >_>  I don't really appreciate it when they walk up, take my picture, and are like... "Ugh, Lizzy got even MORE annoying!" (when I personally love Lizzy), or when they're giggling to themselves about CielxSebastian. >__>;;;;;;;;  Just...when you see me wear that costume, just take my picture, smile, and say thank you....... ;_;  But other than that, Ciel in Wonderland was full of crack and I loved wearing it. XD

After that we left from the convention and started on our long journey home...I mean LONG journey home. XD  It's always longer coming back for some reason.

What I learned from the trip?  I'm not eating Subway for a while.


I've already purchased my ticket for AX '13!  We do definitely plan on going again. c:

And the year is a little more than halfway over, but most of my cosplay plans are finished. :c (Getting ready for a really tough semester.)  So here's a little preview as to what I'm doing next year~!

Yukio Okumura from Blue Exorcist(I'm so sorry I didn't get to him this year. ><  I have the fabric for him already, so might as well buckle down and finish him!)
Skyloft Link from Skyward Sword
Len Kagamine, Append (this will be a doozy. XD;;;  And probably my "big" costume for the year )
Koakuma from Touhou
...and a secret cosplay for AX '13! (Yup, another one. XD)

There may be some smaller costumes thrown here and Shizuo Heiwajima...but not many plans for next year.  2012 was really busy. XD
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DestinedMeltdowns Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm excited to see your Kagamine Len Append cosplay! I absolutely love those outfits' designs and actually hope to cosplay either Rin or Len's Append outfits myself. ^^
GarnetGhost Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know that feeling
Last year at ACen LM.C walked RIGHT past me n my girlfriend
and after my mind registered it wss them
i quietly stood there n flapped myarms with
a big ':0' my girl not being familier w/em was
truly confused to my reaction
LegendofZeldaGirl Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't wait to see the new Link cosplay!! Keep it up!
KikiKabuki Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Meeting you guise was the bestest best best thing ever~! X,D You're all so adorable and full of energy, and your handiwork is seriously SO inspiring..! *___* <33333 Can't wait to do amazing things together!
Maybe one of these days we'll be able to come down for an Arizona con! One state REALLY isn't THAT far away, considering how far we travel for some conventions XD :heart:
OztheNekoMaster Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012

You coming to an Arizona con?
THIS IDEA HAS MY FULL SUPPORT. THAT WOULD BE FUN. And we'd probably have more time to get to know you better since there are smaller conventions here. :'D
You must come to the Grand Canyon State. NAO.
antoinettekitty99 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that sounds so fun,and i laughed at the spiderman in spanish thing (i saw it in a Banzai! anime expo part 2)
ImagineStuff1 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Your cosplays were absolutely amazing at AX!~ <3
Hope to see you guys next year. ;3;
mak9300 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
Sounds Fun and Awesome! I watched some of the videos. You guys did great as always! I can't wait to start cosplaying and going to AX and MO Con's!
PenguRin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
Glad you had fun! (:
Mad--Sparrow Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
Hi Oz,
I love your guys cosplays. I already have a list of people I would like to cosplay but sadly we have only two con's that are to far away from where I live and I can't afford to make or buy a cosplay at the momment. I am restraining myself from spending the money. Sorry I am just Rambling on here. And I love subway but I would get sick of it to after a while.

I have so many questions to ask you guys I guess I'll just start with two that have been on my mind for a while...
1. Would you guys ever follow your fans?
2. How did you make Len Kagamines original cosplay? because I would love to cosplay him first.

Love you guys.
Sorry for Rambling on about random stuff...I tend to do that every once in a while.
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