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Wow, so another year has passed along with another line of cosplays.  I’ll be a little more lengthy this year and share my thoughts about each costume I completed this year.  Go below the cut to read more about my summary of cosplays for 2013..

The first costume I completed in 2013 I had actually started in 2012.  And that was Skyloft Link, which was debuted at Taiyou Con 2013.

FOX 8893 OZ  Link(1) by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by Cosplay Close-Up)

When I played Skyward Sword for the first time, I loved Link’s Skyloft design and I caved.  It wasn’t a cosplay that I had initially planned on doing, it just…sort of happened on a whim.  I still didn’t quite understand the concept of lining, so things aren’t lined properly, but the fabric is “double-sided.”  And I was still a little intimidated by applique, so I used fabric paint for the designs.  But despite that, I thought the overall look of the costume turned out great.  There are a few things I want to revisit on the wig and ears, but I hope to get a full-length photoshoot with him one day!  (I just need to find a proper location, which is quite difficult since we don’t live in the sky.

The next costume I debuted was Touya/Hilbert from Pokemon Black/White.  This was introduced at Phoenix Comicon 2013.

Untitled by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by ZAA Cosplay)

I actually finished this after Homura, but it was debuted first since Homura was still a secret cosplay at the time.  But at this point, I finally understood the concept of lining.  The sleeves aren’t perfect, but there are functional pockets and use of applique.  I also was getting a lot better at props and the shoe covers were something I was incredibly proud of.  Where there wasn’t lining, such as in the pants (which also have functional pockets), I made sure to close all seams with a zig-zag stitch.  At this point, I was determined on having the goal of making my costumes fully functional and clean-looking.  This costume is so easy to wear, too!

The next three costumes were all debuted at Anime Expo 2013.

The first was the mysterious secret cosplay with the rest of Banzai! Productions and a character I had been longing to make for a long time—Homura Akemi.

Homura2 by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by Cosplay Close-Up)

When I started the construction of this costume, I still hadn’t quite grasped the concept of lining yet.  So the top isn’t lined properly even though it is technically “lined.”  I do plan on remaking the top in 2014, however, with a better fit and bias tape with no top stitching.  Everthing else on the costume turned out well, I think.  It has all closed seams and a prop that I’m quite proud of.  The hardest part of this costume were those dreaded boots that were high heels in tights.  Through the process of making the diamond pattern, I had mastered the art of satin stitch applique.  When I first wore the costume, my feet were completely dead and aching by the end of the day, but I improved comfort by placing in gel inserts.  The prop I’m incredibly proud of.  It actually spins!  It was an ambitious thing for me to do, but I’m relieved that I was able to pull out a shield that I was satisfied with.  This is definitely one of my favorite costumes of the year and I hope to take her far into the future.

The second cosplay debuted at Anime Expo was Shinji Ikari.

Img 0194- by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by SuperWeaselPrincess)

This costume was definitely made on a whim.  I had decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Rebuild movies earlier in 2013, and I found myself enjoying the series quite a lot.  ValdaValsha and I would joke about the Kawoshin pairing and decided to troll around.  So we went on a thrift store shopping spree in search of shirts that we could use.  Finding a short sleeve collared shirt is REALLY hard, actually, so I had to end up altering this.  Through the process of tailoring it to my size and altering it, I actually learned quite a bit.  I learned about a new type of seam (which I absolutely cannot remember the name of it right now), which I use for whenever I’m making undershirts now.  Also, I think I had the most fun in this costume since Valda and I were joking around majorly.  I wore it to Anime Expo with the biggest reason being that I wanted to get in that awesome life-size Eva cockpit…which I did:

17595 3189757400660 279172713 N by OztheNekoMaster

(Honestly, I think this moment was one of the highlights of Anime Expo and maybe the whole year.)

The third costume I debuted at Anime Expo was Koakuma from Touhou, inspired by the Sayori design.

Untitled by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by ChEsHiRe-K)

This was a costume that I made mostly because I loved the design and I especially loved Sayori’s adaptation of Touhou characters.  This is where I dyed my first wig since the color Sayori used for Koakuma’s hair was such an odd color that I couldn’t find.  Overall, I was satisfied with the result.  I think my favorite part about this costume are the two little wings sticking out on the sides of my head!  The back wings were difficult for me to make since I’m not very skilled with props to begin with.  But I somehow managed to come up with a harness system inspired by the one IchigoKitty used for her Remilia that worked.  Everything on this costume is either lined or has closed seams with zig zag stitching (since I don’t own a serger.)  I think this was my most popular costume at Anime Expo, actually.  I was really surprised that so many people knew who I was.  This was a fun costume to wear!

The last costume I debuted in 2013 was definitely one that I had been planning on making for a while.  And it was a character that will always be near and dear to my heart—Oz Vessalius in his Isla Yura dance party outfit.  He was debuted at Saboten 2013.

Fox 6084 by OztheNekoMaster

(Photo by Cosplay Close-Up)

This was a huge project for me.  The pattern for the jacket was particularly a challenge since it was odd to me and something I had never done before.  This particular costume was time consuming mainly because of all those stripes on the inside of the jacket, the bow, and the cuffs of the sleeves.  Everything has closed seams, fully functional, and the jacket is perfectly lined, including the sleeves.  There are minimal top stitches, if any, and I am super proud of the result.  This is probably my other favorite costume of the year.  It’s very warm, but definitely worth it.  I really hope to have a photoshoot with this in the near future!  I’m planning on remaking my B-Rabbit scythe for the occasion.

Those are all the costumes that I debuted in 2013, but technically not all that were actually sewn and finished.  There are a few that I have finished that will be debuted in 2014. :)

The total costume count for this year is 6+!

Even though this year was kind of rough in general, I have to say that I do see some definite improvement in my sewing techniques and cosplay in general…my modesty can’t deny that.  It makes me excited to see what I’ll come up with in 2014.  I hope to become even better at sewing.  I also really want to get better at prop making and try to use more techniques and materials.  Even though 2013 was a roller coaster, it’s kind of special since I came to several epiphanies…including the one where I should just shoot for my dreams and strive to be a costume designer.  So we’ll see where that takes me in 2014.

These are not all the costumes I have planned for 2014, but here’s a sneak peek on some of the things that are yet to come:

-Eren Jaeger (I’ll put that prop-making ambition to the test right away with that 3DM gear.)

-Calista Argenan

-Another secret cosplay~!

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Wow all you guys are so great at what you do!!! I was wondering, did you ever take costuming classes or are you self taught?
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Wow u have every thing planed no wonder why u guys are such great cosplayers
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